Privacy Policy - Wellness Festival Singapore Website 2024

We, Exceed Sports & Entertainment Pte Ltd has been appointed by Singapore Tourism Board to develop and execute the following for the inaugural Wellness Festival Singapore from 21 June - 21 July 2024:
  1. Organisation and execution of a Wellness Experience Space;
  2. Organisation and execution of a series of physical and hybrid wellness masterclasses;
  3. Organisation and execution of a media preview event;
  4. Development of a dedicated WFS mobile friendly website; and
  5. Execution of visitor count and event survey
In order to complete our obligations, we will need to collect, use and disseminate personal information.

What types of Personal Data do we collect?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identifiable individual. We may collect this information when you use our website or contact us. These include:
  • Personal particulars (e.g. name, address, date of birth)
  • Contact information (e.g. email address, contact phone number)
  • Details of interactions with us (e.g. personal opinions, website usage)
  • Information obtained from mobile device with your consent (e.g. location information)

How do we collect your Personal Data?

This is how your personal data is collected by us:
  • Online & Digital - Through our website*, social media platforms (e.g. Facebook & instagram) and ticketing site, online chat.
  • Offline Interactions - Surveys, in-person and phone sales or phone support.
  • Cookies and related technologies are used to collect data regarding your visit to our website.

How do we use your Personal Data?

  • To develop and execute our requirements to the Singapore Tourism Board as the event organiser of Wellness Festival Singapore 2024.
  • For operational purposes.
  • To improve our products, services and advertising strategies.
  • To ensure that your data is updated.
  • Comply with all laws and obligations from any legal authorities.
  • Seek professional advice, including legal.
  • To provide updates on changes to our products or services.
  • To contact you and offer products or services that you might be interested in

Who do we share your Personal Data with?

We may, from time to time, share your personal data with third parties.
  • Campaign partners and vendors who work with us (in Singapore or elsewhere)
  • Instructors and partners of Wellness Festival Singapore
  • Relevant authorities such as government or law enforcement agencies.
  • We require all staff and third parties, ensure that any of your data disclosed to them is kept confidential and secure.
  • Your data may be processed outside of Singapore and in doing so will comply with the PDPA and other applicable laws, including the GDPR.
We do not sell your Personal Data to any third party and we shall comply fully with any duty or obligation of confidentiality that governs our relationship with you.

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To speak to us regarding any privacy concerns, including issuing of a correction or access request, you may email us at

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Our policy may be amended from time to time to ensure consistency with any developments to how we use your data. The updated policy available on our website

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